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The Necessity of Outsourcing Internet Marketing in Plastic Flexible Packaging Industry

Editor:浙江比例聚合科技股份有限公司 │ Release Time:2019-09-29 

1.Lack of brand competition

The products of most plastic flexible packaging export companies lack brand competition. Most of the companies are OEMs and do not have their own brands. Some companies are completely foreign product agents. Such labor-intensive companies lack brand awareness or brand awareness. limited. Due to the fact that the infrastructure and factory conditions of domestic plastic flexible packaging enterprises are almost the same, and the costs are similar, most of them have a lack of competitiveness, and it is difficult for enterprises to have an advantage.

2.Lack of sales channels

Some sales channels of Chinese plastic flexible packaging companies are very occluded, but they are traditional sales methods. Now is the Internet era, and Internet marketing is gradually used by large companies. An example of making money, but closed channels have lost the opportunity to make many new customers. If domestic environmental developments change and raw material prices rise, the most vulnerable are SMEs. Therefore, broadening the sales channel construction and refined channel operation will be the road for the development of SMEs.

3. Different customer needs

First, household purchasing habits and value factors are different. They pay more attention to factors such as brand, product value, product style and cost performance when buying.

Second, the levels of consumer demand are different. Consumption demand is closely related to the level of economic development. In the markets of developed countries, the level of demand is relatively high.

Aiming at the problems in the plastic flexible packaging industry, how to enhance the brand value and expand marketing channels has become the key to the development of the plastic flexible packaging industry.

Nowadays, with the maturity of Internet technology development and the low cost of networking, the Internet is like a "universal glue" that connects companies, groups, organizations, and individuals across time and space. Network marketing makes the exchange of information between them "easy to come ".

The development of online marketing is in full swing and has aroused the desire of many small and medium-sized enterprises to carry out online marketing. However, this emphasis is also a Chinese traditional and follow the trend of online marketing. This effect is not very good. Furthermore, the serious problem facing small and medium-sized enterprises today is the lack of their own network marketing capabilities and the lack of understanding of online marketing. The current level of online marketing agencies is uneven, and companies cannot distinguish the network well. Marketing agency. Especially in the field of electronics and clothing, the share of online marketing has become increasingly heavier, but in the traditional plastic flexible packaging industry, due to the constraints of the quality of employees, corporate costs and after-sales factors, it has been difficult in the field of online marketing. The share is far lower than other industries. So whether to find a professional network marketing outsourcing service agency has become the key to the success of these companies' network marketing.